How our Sample Program works

If you're curious about texture/thickness, or to help with color matching to your existing decor, we are happy to offer 16'' x 16'' (approximate) refundable sample swatches for most of our rugs with free delivery to your door. If a 16'' sample is not available, you may order up to a 2'x3' size area rug to sample, as an alternative, when available. We also include a free return shipping label for one sample when a 5x8 size (or larger) rug is ordered from the sample.

Simply order the sample from the product page, as usual, and then request a return authorization within 30 days of its arrival. We'll assist with a free return shipping label for the sample when you purchase the larger size.

If the sample is not to your liking, you may return it to us for a full refund and pay only the return shipping costs which is typically less than $12 through your local US Post Office.

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